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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 3, 2010, 6:43 AM
You may have noticed I have something resembling a fisheye lens on my digital camera. How did that come about?

Well, apparently I figured out the cheapest way on the planet to get fisheye lens! I bought the usual 0.5x wideangle converter with macro lens. (The macro lens does two things - enables the lens to focus and enlarges the fisheye image enough to look like wideangle lens instead of barrel distorted image).

So naturally, out of curiosity I detached the macro lens and noticed I get this nice circular fisheye image. However, the problem was I couldn't mount it on the lens just like that, it had a weird thread designed to prevent the very thing I was trying to do. So I just took a hammer and dealt with the macro lens, effectively turning it into stepdown ring.

What you now see is a 50$, f/3.5 fisheye lens with a really wide angle of view. Optical quality matches the price, but it's a lot of fun, especially for video. (and a helluva lot more fun than not having it at all :D)

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March 3, 2010