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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 19, 2010, 7:02 AM
A bit of info about upcoming stuff. In order of appearance:

1) Kodachrome tribute project
2) Half a world away project
3) f/130 project

I won't spoil the second two by giving out details right now, but the one I'll be uploading for the next while is pretty self-explanatory... Kodachrome is among the first color films ever made,  and as some of you may know, Kodak has decided to end it's 74 year long history this year. (on that note, if you have any Kodachrome left, you have 10 days left to get it developed!)

It had a rich past, recording some of defining moments in photography, film but also world history. I wanted to be a part of that history, so I got my hands on a roll of Kodachrome 64 and shot it this summer, then got it to USA for the infamously complex K-14 development. It has just arrived and I'll be sharing some of it with you.

It has a very tangible charm... even though it will probably outlast all the slide film currently in use (it has great archival properties), shots already look like faded memories with deep contrasts, pastel colors and dusty frames. Hope you enjoy my first and last Kodachrome roll!
(in case you're wondering why it's my first and last roll - we only first got it in Croatia few months ago, after 73,5 years of it being in production :dohtwo:, and as I mentioned, K-14 development is getting turned off this November for good).

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November 19, 2010